Metal Temple Red Eye Review

22 Jul 2016  "The "old-school" is an institution that gets mentioned a lot in this industry, but "Red Eye" turns it from myth to reality. If you're a fan of classic Heavy Rock, VARDIS invites you to step into the time machine and witness the invention of steel". by Anton Sanatov ... read more ...... more>

Joe Clancy endorses Alex Van Halen Regal Tip USA Sticks

19 Jul 2016  See why Joe Clancy currently uses Regal Tip - Alex Van Halen  228R-AVH ... read more ...... more>

Classic Rock - The 10 Essential NWOBHM Albums

19 Jul 2016  by Team Rock's Geoff Barton ... read more ...... more>

Metal Kaoz report on Up the Hammers - Athens 26th March, 2016

15 Jul 2016  Erika Wallberg "VARDIS really rocked the boat I decided to stay"... great photos too ... read more... more>

Via Nocturna (Portugal) Red Eye Review

9 Jul 2016  "We have a record that dates back to hard rock beginnings / heavy metal that impregnated with punk attitude and blues feeling. Iron Maiden or Wishbone Ash are here revisited" Pedro Carvalho more...... more>

Devils Gate Media - Wildfire Festival Review

8 Jul 2016  Click here ...... more>

Keys & Chords Review of Vardis Red-Eye LP

7 Jul 2016  "Red Eye is a great example of a veteran power trio blasting out heavy rock with no bullshit attached. They will not be around forever, so catch them while you can, Because You will not Either!" Johan Kaethoven ... read more ...... more>

Planetmosh Wildfire Festival Review - Scotland

4 Jul 2016  Dennis Jarmen "headbanging like an idiot" at this great North of the Border Festival of ROCK! read more ...... more>

The Best is yet to come? Streetclip TV Half-year results 2016

2 Jul 2016  "Red Eye" lives of strong songs, a powerful dose of feeling and brings the Blues back in the NWOBHM" ... more ...... more>

Back in the Netherlands next year for Very 'Eavy Festival!

2 Jul 2016  Back in the Netherlands next year for Very 'Eavy Festival! Tickets: more>

The Moshville Times interviews Vardis at Wildfire Scotland 2016

2 Jul 2016  The band discuss NWOBHM history, Red Eye, Spinal Tap and more...... more>


1 Jul 2016  "Vardis delivered on all levels". 5/5 Johnny Main ... read on ...... more>

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